The distal humerus is the lower end of the upper arm bone, closest to the elbow. When a distal humerus fracture occurs, it impacts arm and elbow movement. Distal humerus fracture treatment can include either surgical or non-surgical repairs. Dr. Steven Struhl is a dual board certified orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon who offers advanced distal humerus fracture treatment at his orthopedic medical facilities in New York City and Westchester, NY.

Causes of Distal Humerus Fractures

Distal humerus fractures are most common in children and elderly people, but anyone can suffer a fracture to the lower upper arm bone. High-energy impact to the elbow or lower portion of the upper arm can cause a distal humerus fracture, such as an auto accident or fall while running. For children or the elderly with weaker bones, distal humerus fractures can occur with a simple fall while landing on an outstretched arm.

Injury Repair for Upper Elbow Fractures

Some distal humerus fractures are simple cracks in the bone without displacement. These simple fractures can heal without surgical repair, only requiring immobilization and physical therapy. However, many humerus fractures are severe, with several breaks and pieces to realign. Nerves and arteries in the joint may sometimes be injured in severe distal humerus fractures. Surgery is usually required for displaced fractures and fractures compounded by nerve and/or artery injuries.

Following a distal humerus injury, x-rays can identify the type of fracture. Other imaging may be needed to determine the extent of soft tissue injuries. The humerus is essential for arm and elbow movement, and the right treatment is crucial to avoid permanent functional impact.

For advanced options in distal humerus fracture treatment, contact our team at Shoulders & Knees orthopedic clinic. We can schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Steven Struhl to discuss treatment options for broken elbow injuries at our clinic in NYC or Westchester.