If you play summer sports, bone health is a major concern. The heat can cause tendons to expand, increasing the likelihood of injuries. In addition, those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis are especially susceptible to pain and inflammation.

Other causes of knee pain in the summer include overuse, bursitis, and patellar tendinitis. It is important to recognize and monitor symptoms so as not to exacerbate your condition or injury. You may not feel pain or stiffness until the morning. This is due to symptoms developing overnight while you are at rest.

Running Injuries

Running puts extreme strain on the knees and the other leg joints. The tendons may stretch or tear, resulting in tendonitis. Arthritis conditions often develop slowly, with symptoms that worsen due to overuse of the joint. You may not experience pain or inflammation during light exercise. However, intense sports could lead to restricted mobility.

It is important to warm up before running. This will help stretch the tendons and muscles in a healthy way. In addition, you are less likely to suffer from knee problems with the right preparation. Riding an exercise bite or gently walking on a treadmill are great tools for loosening up before running.

Jumping Injuries

Sports that involve jumping can overstretch the tendons. You may also suffer a knee injury due to the joint absorbing extreme forces. In addition, sports such as basketball and volleyball can strain the knees. When the temperature outside is high, barometric pressure can have a greater impact on existing injuries or conditions.

You should prepare for jumping sports like you would before going for a run. Stretches and light cardio are ideal exercises for warming up. If you still incur injuries, seek advice from an experienced knee specialist in New York City.

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