When you have spent years establishing yourself as a career professional, injuries are the last thing you need. For many hard-working New Yorkers, a repetitive strain injury affects the wrist in ways that can make working impossible.

The most common occupations where repetitive strain injury can threaten a career are those where typing is a core part of the role. Symptoms of RSI include difficulty moving the fingers or hands because of pain, stiffness, numbness or discomfort. If these symptoms are preventing you from fulfilling the requirements of your job, seek treatment immediately.

Conservative Treatments for RSI

Dr. Steve Struhl, a specialist in shoulder, knee and wrist injuries, offers conservative treatment options for repetitive strain injury. Your career relies on being able to effectively use your hands. A multi-disciplinary approach to treatment often garners the best outcomes for patients. 

For patients who do not respond well to conservative treatment options, surgery may be the recommended solution. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues may cause repetitive strain injury, making a surgical approach the most effective means of providing relief.

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Poor ergonomics in the workplace may contribute to the development of repetitive strain injury. When the hands are resting on a desk at an unusual angle, it puts strain on the wrists. Your chair should be adjusted so that the feet can be squarely planted on the floor, and monitors must be set to eye level.

Other workplace adjustments can also help take the pressure off your wrists. Dr. Struhl will make recommendations based on the needs of the individual patient. A consultation can also establish whether you are suffering from repetitive strain injury or another type of injury.

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