Popping or snapping sensations in the knee can happen any time but are typically isolated or infrequent incidents. If you often experience these sensations, it could mean you are suffering from one of several conditions.

Athletes are more likely to suffer from popping or snapping in the knee. However, anybody can suffer from the associated conditions that produce these symptoms. Genetics, wear and tear from aging, repetitive strain, a medical condition or injuries are all potential causes.

Orthopedic Diagnosis

Diagnosis is important because there is a possibility that you are experiencing symptoms of a progressive condition. Ignoring the signs could result in issues such as tendon tears or joint damage. Diagnosis from a specialist orthopedic surgeon will determine the cause of the popping or snapping sensation and result in effective treatment.

Early intervention is important when these symptoms are persistent. A snapping sensation is often the result of tendons getting caught on the knee during movement. This can lead to tendon problems including inflammation, strain, pain, discomfort and tears. In some cases, popping or snapping may mean that there is loose or broken cartilage in the knee joint.

Orthopedic Treatment Plan

Another reason you should seek early diagnosis is the level of treatment required at various stages of progression. Rehabilitation is often enough to correct mechanical problems with the knee that are caused by movement, strength or form. Once a condition becomes progressive, you may need more advanced treatment options, up to and including surgery.

Working with the right orthopedic surgeon is also important. For instance, a specialist who has experience with sports injuries can offer a broader range of treatment options. Dr. Steven Struhl is a NYC board-certified orthopedic surgeon who provides individualized treatment plans for knee conditions and injuries. To learn more about the likely source of your symptoms, call his New York or Westchester offices today.