Extreme deterioration of the knee joint from arthritis and degenerative disease can restrict movement and cause chronic pain. Knee replacement surgery offers restoration of the knee joint to improve mobility, but there are risks and complications that can occur. Dr. Steven Struhl and his medical team offer robotic partial knee replacement, which has many advantages over traditional knee replacement surgery.

What Is Robotic Partial Knee Replacement?

When many people hear the word “robotic” in conjunction with a surgical procedure, they fear that the surgical procedure is automated. This is not the case with our robotic partial knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Struhl uses the robotic machinery to perform MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing. The robotic aspect is the cutting-edge computerized software and robotic arm used for accuracy during surgery. Dr. Struhl is completely in control of the robotic arm and surgery, just enhanced with better preparation and guidance during the procedure.

Improved Surgery Planning
One of the advantages of the MAKOplasty robotic partial knee replacement is the planning stage. CT scans of the patient’s knee are inputted into the computerized robotic system. The software allows Dr. Struhl to customize each procedure to the patient, visualizing the surgery and any issues before it takes place. This crucial step can eliminate many complications that can impact the results of complex knee replacement surgeries, offering better results.

Safety Zones and Surgical Perimeters
The MAKOplasty software for the robotic partial knee replacement uses the 3D images from the CT scans to create safety zones and perimeters during the procedure. This pre-surgical preparation allows Dr. Struhl to adjust the settings to the patient’s knee configuration, with safety zones to guide him to reduce chances of removing too much bone, or to redirect him. While Dr. Struhl is still in control of the robotic arm, there are safety precautions in place to alert him of errors before they occur. The system gives real-time input for better precision during the procedure.

Improved Accuracy
Even a millimeter of difference in placing a partial knee replacement can impact the results. With the MAKOplasty system, Dr. Struhl can plan, prepare and perform with the highest level of accuracy during partial knee replacement surgeries. The results are less risks and improved function for the patients, due to a customized fit of the implant to the patient. This can reduce recovery time and pain, as well as extend the lifespan of the implant.

Partial knee replacement can greatly improve the quality of life for those suffering from advanced arthritis or degenerative joint disease. For advanced options in partial knee replacement surgery, come see us at Shoulders & Knees, Steven Struhl, M.D.