Early Detection Reduces Injury

When the discomfort in Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinkes right elbow continued to persist back in mid-March the physician recommended a relatively new non-surgical procedure called Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections. Greinke accepted the PRP injections for his elbow pain from Dodgers team doctor, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, and just weeks later Greinke is pitching with a vengeance. This month Greinkes recent pitching lead a near-flawless 6.1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Don’t Risk Chancy Procedures

Prior to recent advancements, athletes that suffered from knee pain, shoulder pain, and foot pain were more commonly recommended one of the only options aside from surgery – Synvisc Injections. Synvisc is a crude thick liquid that was injected into the affected joint that would act like a thick liquidly cushion between bones. This substance would allow the joints to move smoothly but results would vary from less pain to the procedure being a waste of time.

Consider Synvisc as comparable to an oil additive we put in our vehicle engines; it works within the engine to coat all of its internal parts to keep things running smoothly until your next oil change. Just like our oil changes, Synvisc is injected into the injured joint(s) to act as a temporary barrier cushion between the connecting bones, thus allowing the ‘parts’ to move more fluidly and reduce damage. Synvisc, like the oil analogy, would help protect the ‘parts,’ but not repair any damage done to them.

What Is PRP & How Will it Help?

Platelet Rich Plasma, more commonly known as PRP, is a non-surgical procedure that takes a client’s own platelets collected through a blood sample that is later introduced back into the injured areas. Platelet-Rich Plasma has healing proteins with precise development factors that undeniably act in cartilage repair and repair of minor to mildly damaged joints. By utilizing the clients own genetics, the body accepts the procedure and gives that individuals body a boost in healing the damage caused from injury. This non-surgical procedure is an amazing advancement for athletes suffering from shoulder pain, foot pain, and knee pain.

Hope for Athletes with New PRP Treatment

Isn’t it nice to have options? Why have the inconveniences of older less effective methods when science is able to find more natural ways to control and repair our injuries? With the proven research and successful procedures utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma injections over the past several years, athletes have impressive recovery from the PRP injections that embrace the body’s natural ability to heal itself. But before you go racing off to your local doctor for your PRP injection, be sure to ask questions – LOTS of questions.

Not all doctors have the same PRP systems or the know-how. Just keep in mind that there are two different types of PRP systems, one that separates the white blood cells allowing them to ‘activate’ where the other system does not. Both systems work, but clients are reporting a more effective healing process from the PRP system where the white cells have been ‘activated.’

Go to a Doctor that Knows!

Since 1991, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl has specialized in athletic injuries and urges athletes to look for treatment at the earliest signs of their joint pain to avoid surgery. With offices in both New York and Westchester, Dr. Struhl is a highly sought out physician for his intensive expertise.

So if you’re looking for a doctor with the knowledge and experience in athletic injuries, seek out the best. Contact Dr.Steven Struhl.