Purpose, Drive and Resolve

As we all gasped this past weekend as we watch Robert Griffin III further injure his torn ACL and LCL when the Redskins were knocked out of the Playoffs, we are reminded that there can still be an exciting future after knee surgery.  We hope that RG3’s will have a fast and speedy recovery, so we can watch his dynamic ability as Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings was able to accomplish this football season.

When Vikings’ Adrian Peterson was taken down by Redskins safety DeJone Gomes last season, Peterson’s football future looked bleak. The severe tear damage sustained to his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his lower left leg had left Peterson face down wondering, “Why me, Why now?”

Now, just over a year since his injury and ACL surgery, Peterson’s road to recovery has marvelled spectators, coaches, and athletes alike. He has brought with him a new found spirit and drive and carried the potential to break the all-time NFL rushing yards record, and is still a favourite to be awarded the MVP for the 2012 NFL Season!

We all hope Robert Griffin III knee surgery will be successful, and RG3 will be back next NFL season to captivate football fans everywhere.

Hope for Injured Athletes

Athletes know the chances they are taking each time they walk onto the field, step on the ice, or even get on their bikes. They know injuries happen, mostly to someone else, right?

Despite being a common injury occurring in a variety of sports, the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) is a severe injury that could possibly change an athlete’s life forever. Mostly caused from blunt force trauma, issues can arise from improper surgical procedures or even an ongoing untreated injury. Either way, the chances to a complete rehabilitation and fast return to an athlete’s particular sport depends on various variables.

The ACL is one of the four major ligaments found in our knee. When tearing of the cruciate ligament occurs, results in surgery followed by several months of physiotherapy. If you have this issue you need to see the best. You need to go to someone that has the experience.

So when it actually happens the athlete thinks, ‘What now?’ Well, practitioners and specialized doctors can help; just ensure that the one you choose has the experience and knowledge to confidently perform the appropriate procedure.

Sought Out ACL Surgeon

Known as the shoulder and knee specialist, Dr. Steven Struhl has been a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon since 1991, and has served as a medical consultant to the U.S Open tennis tournament in New York.  Struhl remains an active Clinical Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery at New York Medical School, a recognized published author, as well as consistently treating satisfied sports patients with his patented AC joint separation procedure and repairing their ACL tears. It’s easy to understand why his reputation is rapidly becoming the specialist to see!

Dr. Struhl highly recommends you seek treatment at the early signs of acute knee joint discomfort to avoid the possibility of surgery. With his offices in both New York and Westchester, Steven Struhl and his team of highly trained professional orthopedic surgeons, along with his courteous office staff, make it easily accessible to clients in need. Together, they continue to exceeded patient expectations.