Darelle Revis, All-Pro Jets cornerback who exited Jets action due to a torn ACL, should recover fully from his anterior crucial ligament damage to defend Brady and Manning rockets once again.  When you or your teenager goes down with this highly painful knee tear, do you have the proper orthopedic surgeon to handle this surgical procedure correctly?

Seek Help when Knee Pain Begins

It’s unfortunate when many people never recover from torn ACL injuries. While the human body ultimately gauges the timeframe of recovery, there are many cases where treatment wasn’t properly administered. Dr. Steven Struhl and his dedicated team of professional orthopedic surgeons could have handled many of these improper surgical procedures or misdiagnosed cases properly to help people get back to enjoying the things they love.

Dr. Steven Struhl, arguably the best orthopedic surgeon stationed in New York, has perfected the means of reviewing, reconstructing, and rehabilitating your torn ACL.  An NYU Faculty Surgeon with Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon credentials, medical consultant to U.S. Open Tennis Championship and established author, Dr. Struhl has seen many different ACL tears since beginning his practice in 1991. His desire to further explore cutting-edge technological advances in arthroscopic procedures, which is indicative of his US Patent to improve the effectiveness of an orthopedic surgical procedure; his ability to normalize your torn ACL is simply perfect.

With thousands of satisfied sports patients who have returned to being active post-ACL tear due to full recoveries, Dr. Struhl urges anyone with even the slightest knee joint discomfort to visit his facilities, conveniently located both in Westchester and on West 57th Street In New York, because the extent of your knee or leg pain could very well stem from the beginning of an eventually torn ACL.

What Are Torn ACL’s?

Your knee adjoins with both upper and lower leg bones through tendons which run down the center of your knee, holding the entire section together.  The anterior crucial ligament, or ACL, is one major tendon which is commonly the center of sports injury since awkward running, falling or taking hits can often cause this ligament to easily tear.  If gone unfixed, this damage could prevent walking on whichever leg was affected.  With today’s advances in sports medicine, these injuries are quickly fixable using surgical procedures which commandeer tendons from wrists or other areas and ‘rebuild’ the ACL. Once surgery has completed, extensive physical therapy is necessary before any strenuous activities commence again.

Experience Meets Compassion

Dr. Steven Struhl doesn’t operate your ordinary clinic for sports medicine; utilizing expertise obtained throughout two decades of surgical astuteness and his coveted NYU faculty Orthopedic surgeon accreditation he brings that proficiency to both his Westchester and NY facilities.  These locations welcome patients with torn ACL woes and helping them fully recover from their nightmarish injuries to get back to their active lives.  High school athletes, occasional pickup game players, NCAA football participants and everyone in between have trusted the UC at San Francisco graduate who successfully performed his residency at Albert Einstein Medical College.

Why Choose Dr. Struhl For Torn ACL Woes?

Injuries of such serious nature, such as having a torn ACL, require the immediate professional attention of an experienced orthopedic surgeon who clearly can identify the nature of your injury, what remedial options you’ve got and what your expected timeframe of recovery will be should surgery be merited.  Professionalism, sophistication and qualified orthoscopic surgeon assistance throughout the entire process define the Dr. Steven Struhl methodology of handling torn ACL injuries.  Since they’re primarily your joint specialists, potential candidates for ACL tear surgeries will definitely receive perhaps the highest quality of care in our country.  These services are backed by certifications in AAOS and AANA received by Dr. Steven Struhl for his decorated efforts as a NYU Faculty Surgeon.