Many different conditions can cause knee or shoulder pain. It is vital to have an accurate diagnosis and specific treatment for your condition to relieve the pain and improve joint function. Imaging is one of the key factors in diagnosing medical conditions – viewing the interior components of the joint can pinpoint your source of knee and shoulder pain. Dr. Struhl offers advanced IntraVu needle scope arthroscopy for accurate diagnosis at his Shoulder & Knees clinics in White Plains and Manhattan, NY.

Needle scope arthroscopy is an advanced imaging option that can replace an MRI in many circumstances. This procedure uses a needle with a small camera attached that can be inserted into the knee or shoulder joint to retrieve interior images. Unlike an MRI that takes time to schedule and obtain images to decipher, Dr. Struhl can perform an IntraVu needle arthroscopy during an exam at his office, providing immediate results. The images from the needle are sent in real-time to a digital monitor, allowing both Dr. Struhl and the patient to see inside the joint and view the source of shoulder or knee pain.

Needle Arthroscopy Is More Effective Than an MRI To Identify:

Not only is IntraVu needle arthroscopy a quicker imaging option for knee and shoulder diagnosis, but it is often more effective for identifying certain conditions. Finding the exact source of knee or shoulder pain is easier with a needle arthroscopy procedure. Dr. Struhl can quickly diagnose arthritis, impingement, bursitis and tendinitis in the shoulder or knee with the images from a needle arthroscopy and recommend treatment options the same day.

Benefits of Needle Arthroscopy

The needle arthroscopy procedure is minimally invasive and does not require incisions. While it does use a small camera and works similar to an arthroscope that is used in minimally invasive surgery, it is much smaller. Patients are awake and relaxed while the needle arthroscopy is performed, seeing the results at the same time as Dr. Struhl. There are many benefits to using needle arthroscopy to diagnose the source of knee or shoulder pain, including:

Needle arthroscopy is an excellent tool for diagnosing complex knee or shoulder joint conditions. It is faster and often provides better imaging of articular cartilage and labrum damage than an MRI. Plus, the patient can better understand their diagnosis and see the source of their pain on the digital monitor.

Dr. Struhl uses all types of imaging for the accurate diagnosis of many joint conditions. While there are circumstances where he may need an MRI or x-rays for viewing the shoulder or knee, there are many times when the IntraVu needle scope arthroscopy can be used as an alternative. This is also an excellent imaging device for individuals who cannot use an MRI due to metal or other disqualifiers.

If you have shoulder or knee pain, needle arthroscopy may be the best imaging option to pinpoint the source of your pain and diagnose your condition to begin effective treatment. Steven Struhl, MD at Shoulders & Knees uses state-of-the-art medical technology to diagnose and treat, including IntraVu needle scope arthroscopy. To schedule your knee or shoulder consultation, contact our office in New York City or White Plains, NY, to book your appointment.