Overuse and continued stress on the knee joint from running and jumping can cause injury to the tendons in the joints. The patella tendon attaches the kneecap to the tibia, helping keep the protective patella, or kneecap, in place. Patella tendinitis, or jumper’s knee, is an inflammation and irritation of the patella tendon. Dr. Steven Struhl at Shoulders & Knees is a sports medicine specialist who offers jumper’s knee treatment at our clinics in Westchester and NYC.

Causes and Symptoms of Patella Tendinitis

Jumper’s knee (patella tendinitis) is most common in running and jumping athletes. Common sports that can cause jumper’s knee include basketball, volleyball, long distance running, tennis and mountain climbing. Overuse or stress on the patella tendon when jumping or running can cause irritation and inflammation. The symptoms of patella tendinitis include:

Early treatment of jumper’s knee is rest, ice and elevation of the knee to allow the tendon to heal. If the pain and symptoms continue, jumper’s knee treatment can include physical therapy to strengthen the knee and muscles to put less stress on the patella tendon. In severe or chronic jumper’s knee, surgery may be indicated if the patient does not obtain relief from conservative methods of treatments.

If you are an athlete who is experiencing ongoing symptoms of jumper’s knee, there are treatments that can give you relief. Contact us at Shoulders & Knees, we have clinics in NYC and Westchester. We can schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Steven Struhl, a top knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Struhl can discuss jumper’s knee treatment options with you and find the best option to restore knee function and relieve your pain.