There are four ligaments that stabilize and allow movement in the knee joint. When the knee shifts or twists in an abnormal direction, those ligaments can be stretched and injured, causing a knee sprain. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top orthopedic surgeon and knee specialist who offers knee sprain treatment at Shoulders & Knees in NYC. If you are suffering from a knee sprain, get the best treatment available to get you back in the game as soon as possible.

Knee sprains usually occur when a quick motion forces the knee to twist. Stopping or changing direction suddenly when running can cause a knee sprain. Landing incorrectly can stretch a knee ligament. Impact can also cause a knee sprain, especially a direct blow to the inside or outside of the knee. Symptoms usually include pain, swelling, weakness and stiffness.

Types of Knee Sprains

Knee sprains can range from mild to severe. The ligaments in the knee joint allow the vast range of motions when running and jumping, but a quick turn or twist can stretch or tear these ligaments. A mild knee sprain occurs when one or more ligaments are stretched and damaged, causing pain and swelling. Moderate knee sprains involve tears in the ligaments, causing pain, swelling and instability. In a severe knee sprain, a ligament is completely ruptured and may require surgery for repair.

Treatment for a knee sprain depends on the severity of the ligament injury. Mild to moderate knee sprains can be treated with rest, ice, elevation and compression in the beginning. Supportive devices and physical therapy may be recommended for some mild to moderate knee sprains. Severe ligament tears or rupture may require surgery, followed by rehabilitation during recovery.

If you experience a moderate to severe knee sprain, you should seek the medical care of a knee specialist. Dr. Struhl can offer advanced knee sprain treatments, including surgery, at his clinics in NYC and Westchester. Contact Shoulders & Knees to schedule an exam and consultation if you believe you have a knee sprain injury.